Kitchen Styles

We work with a variety of kitchen styles – which style do you like?


The definition of ‘modern’ can vary widely, but when we think of a modern kitchen, we usually visualize frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, strong horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation. The natural beauty of the materials is allowed to shine through.

From a concept perspective, the look is streamlined and minimal with clean lines that integrate seamlessly into the room and living spaces beyond. Based on the premise that ‘less is more’, this style is often symmetrical and employs a bold use of colour or simple white on white.

Finishes can be high gloss with sleek glass splashbacks. Appliances are fully integrated into the cabinetry.


Classic kitchen styles are timeless, traditional and elegant. When choosing a classic kitchen design, aesthetics and practicality are primary considerations. This style allows you to mix and match the layers of detail, including color and texture. Cabinets can be accented with classic molding and furniture-style details. The classic kitchen style is extremely popular and common because it is timeless and maximizes your property resale value.


Country kitchens can be easily identified by their comfortable and relaxed feel, simplicity in design, true-to-nature colour palettes and open work spaces. Country kitchens have evolved from being just a cooking centre to the family gathering place in modern homes.

In summary, we offer:

• Modern Kitchens – streamlined and minimal

• Traditional or Classic Kitchens – timeless and elegant

• Country Kitchens – comfortable and relaxed


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